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Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous Assessment

What is continuous assessment?

The continuous assessment course is an online tutor-assisted learning scheme which enables you to undertake a structured learning programme; whereby a set of assignments testing your knowledge and understanding of the Chartered Insurance Institute study text, and your wider reading, are submitted to a tutor. Successful completion of the course will result in an adjustment to your exam result of 10% of the overall mark available for the exam. You must complete and pass all the assignments to successfully complete the continuous assessment course. 

When have I got to have my assessments in by?

You can check the deadline for all continuous assessment assignments to be submitted for the exam sitting you want them to count towards here:  

The deadline date for continuous assessment to be counted towards an exam sitting is only applicable within your enrolment period.You must submit ALL assignments before your 12 month enrolment expires.

You must not submit more than one assignment in a three day period.

We strongly suggest that you submit your assignments well before the deadline date as at the busiest times marking can take up to14 working days.

Deadline dates are final and include ALL resubmissions.

What is plagiarism?

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) defines plagiarism as: "Unacknowledged copying from published sources (including the internet) or incomplete referencing".

The following also constitute plagiarism:

• Copying or amending sections of work from another person such as a friend or colleague.
• Having another person, such as a friend or colleague, dictate something to you.
• Copying and pasting from the internet without citing the source.
• Copying or using material from a study text or other reference material without citing the source.
• Paraphrasing without including reference to the source of the paraphrase.
• Working with another person, or using another person's work to write your assignment.

Will my assignment be checked for plagiarism?

Every assignmentsubmitted to the CII is put through plagiarism software (turnitin), and CII tutors are trained to detect plagiarism.

In submitting your assignments you are acknowledging that you have read the rules in the student guidelines and that it is your own work. Student guidelines can be found here:

Plagiarism is not permitted under any circumstances and any instances will be fully investigated. Disciplinary action will be taken against any candidate found guilty of dishonourable or unprofessional conduct.

The names of candidates, along with their employers, found to be in breach of the rules are published on the CII website.Details of the CII's disciplinary procedures and rules as well as sanctions guidance can be found at:

I submitted my assignment ahead of the deadline, but did not receive a passing grade. How do I resubmit after the deadline?

The deadline for submitting assignmentsincludes resubmissions.Assignments, including resubmissions, received after the published deadline will not count towards the continuous assessment course.

Assignments can take up to 14 working days to be marked leading up to the deadline date and only one assignment can be submitted in a three day period; as such it is recommended that assignments are submitted well ahead of the deadline. This will allow any assignment that does not achieve a pass grade to be resubmitted for marking by the deadline

Can I submit all my assignments at once?

No, only one assignment can be submitted in a three day period. If more than one assignment is submitted they may not be marked until after the deadline date to count towards the continuous assessment course.

It is therefore essential that assignments are not submitted at the last minute.

Can I submit my assignments in any order?

Assignments should be completed in order as they follow the syllabus learning outcomes and study text chapters sequentially.

My tutor marked my first assignment quickly; why is it taking longer now?

Tutors may be able to respond within just a few days during quiet periods; but this does not mean all assignments will be marked as quickly; especially if they are submitted during busy periods.

In busy periods in the run up to the exams, and during holiday periods for tutors, assignments can take up to 14 working days to mark.

What should I save my assignment file name as?

Continuous assessment assignments are saved as Word documents and uploaded on to by candidates enrolled on the course.

You should always include the following information in a file name:

  • Unit code (e.g. P05, P80, 530 etc

  • Assignment number

  • Full name


So a file name should look like this example: P05 Assignment 3 Joe Bloggs 001111111A

Files are downloaded from RevisionMate by your tutor to mark, and uploaded back on to RevisionMate with feedback comments: your file should not have a generic name such as 'assignment' or 'CII work' or anything that does not identify your details and the course you are on. Tutors have multiple students, all submitting multiple assignments, so file names must be unique.

How will my tutor know when I’ve submitted an assignment?

Tutors receive an email notification when an assignment has been submitted for marking.

Will I be notified once my tutor has marked my assignment?

Yes, an email notification will be sent once your tutor has marked your assignment (to check or amend your email address, go to 'my profile' and 'edit profile').

What can or can’t I use the discussion groups for?

Please feel free to use these as often as you like. It really can be a valuable assistance just to check your understanding with other students studying. We monitor this site to ensure that it remains a friendly and supportive environment.

While these boards can be used to discuss ideas with other students, all submissions must be entirely your own work and will be passed through plagiarism software.

Why is there never anyone in the course chat when I join?

Stats show that students tend to use this feature after work, we recommend joining the chat after at approximately 8pm.